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Denim Defined

Our goal is to offer your customers perfect fitted one-of-a-kind jeans, custom made, with the best comfort and luxury. All made with the finest fabrics in the world available today.
Denim Defined allows you to design, develop and fabricate single piece denim products.
In 2015 Custom made Jeans Company was born; the concept of tailored suits translated into custom-made jeans. With the best Italian denim from Candiani, the most refined buttons and yarns, and finally leather and suede patches of Italian quality.


Custom made jeans are better for the environment because we don’t overproduce. In addition, sustainable denim is paramount at Candiani. Our washing procedure is also ecofriendly.
How does it work? We measure the customer and then choose the right color denim, the washing, the buttons, the patches, and the colors of the stitching with him. The jeans get really personal with the stitching of the initials or name of the customer on the jeans.
21 days later the perfectly made one of a kind jeans will be delivered to you. How great is that?


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