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Filippo de Laurentiis

The style is universal: Filippo de Laurentiis weaves his strands to build sweaters that dress all the men who want to feel unique and special. Anyone who wants can move into a dimension beyond time by choosing a high-quality garment, to be worn naturally in any situation. It is possible to express yourself and feel good through the immediacy of good taste and the timelessness of the classic, reinterpreted and reinvented with modern technologies.
The heritage and experience, accumulated over three generations of knitwear production, find their maximum expression in the challenge of renewing oneself while keeping the focus on one’s identity. Filippo De Laurentiis constantly updates his conception of knitting to make it always current: the use of innovative machinery, the application of new techniques and the experimentation in weaving and finishing are the result of the inheritance collected by the founding fathers of the company. The secrets of this long story are intertwined in the strands of the sweaters made and are called passion and dedication
The Filippo De Laurentiis’ roots are in Italy. We talk about the Made in Italy craftsmanship and manufacturing, we talk about the deep inspiration that has roots in the culture of Italian taste, the sensitivity for beauty that from the 1950s onwards has fascinated and illuminated the world. The excellence of the product goes on over time and lives higher than fashions to enhance the truth of the brand.

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